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Mar 03, 2006, 04:34 pm Last Edit: Mar 03, 2006, 11:58 pm by mrbbp Reason: 1

you've said in a previous thread that string operation are allowed in Arduino...
I've tried a printf() like this but it doesn't work !:-/
the compilator doesn't generate error !

What i'm doing wrong ?

Code: [Select]
printStringLCD(printf("Poeme %d ligne 1", Poeme));

i suppose this is very simple but i'm newb in C.
i just want to concatene a string with an integer variable !




I've tried with an sprintf()

Code: [Select]
 sprintf(combo,"%s%d%s", "Poeme ", Poeme, "ligne 1");

No error but doesn't work anymore.
Nothing on LCD and Arduino led on pin13 Blink (on each main loop i suppose)


I've found...
Code: [Select]
strcat(str1,str2);// append str2 to str1
// if str2 is an integer, have to convert it to string before append.
itoa(int2, str2, 10); // 10 is the radix

hope this'll help. and i'm not saying wrongs things
it's work for me::)


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