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i am making a RF remote using arduino using a cheap RF wireless link module which operates at a frequency of 433 MHz.
This RF module consumes a lot of power and drain batteries very qickly as the transmitter is connected to the receiver all the time.
but i want that  Arduino should remain in some kind of IDLE Mode or SLEEP Mode when no key is pressed on the remote to save power
and when any key is pressed the transmitter must go active and transmits the data at that point of time only.


The Arduino does have a sleep mode, but that won't put your transmitter to sleep, unless it has a sleep mode as well. You could try using a transistor on the power/ground line of the transmitter to switch it on and off when you need to.




thanks TanHadron your link is really usefull
i also thank to tobyb121 for his simple but effective idea.


Hi, I have faced with this problem and when I analyse your techniques, I realize that they are proper for Arduino Uno , atmega 328 ,
I am using Mega2560 and there is a serious energy problem in my project, can anyone help me related with this issue please?

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