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I am very interested in your opinions about this new board project.

We have call it Babuino (Babbon is spanish  :)).
Consist in an Arduino compatible board, with an ATXmega128A1U microcontroller working at 3,3V, integrated bluetooth module and integrated IR.

This board, will come in 2 versions. One version with pins, and the other one in a plastic box (like a pendrive).

Our idea is to use Babuino to remotelly control devices with bluetooth or IR. So we will use in conjuntion with the board, some programs.

Our simpler idea is to use babuino to transform our smartphone into a physically connected keyboard and mouse on any device, but our goal is to achieve babuino enumerates itself as any USB device you want.

This project is openhardware and opensource.

Please, have a look to our website http://openjungle.cc and tell us your opinions in this developing state.

Thank you in advance.


Have been thinking along similar lines. That you have done it and made it look this good is brilliant.


Hello aarondc.

Thanks a lot for your reply.

I like it too, but obviously, I am not impartial, so I am very happy someone else likes it.

Here you can see an application I like a lot, using Babuino connected to the smartphone to share the computer keyboard and mouse with the smartphone:


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