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I'm building an alarm to send a text message when the AC-power fails. the problem I have,, When power is fails the alarm send  the SMS  each loop endlessly until power is restored.

I want it to send only one text-message when the power fails and happy one when power is restored. B  :smiley-red:

AC power is measured via pin 2 going incoming stream before "battery charger module"

The Alarm make a restart when it go to backup power because its a small powerdip between AC power and batterypower but when its go from AC to Battery its no dip so it dont work with "do this one time"

Code: [Select]
check = digitalRead(Powercheck);  \\ Reading pin 2, if AC = Power on 5v+
 if (check == LOW) {
                   lcd.print("Power Fail");
                   lcd.print("Skickar SMS");
                   sms.SendSMS("+46706xxxxxxx", "Warning! Power FAIL!");
 else {
                   lcd.print("Power Online");


This is untested but will give you an idea of what todo

In your code, before void.setup() add something like:

Code: [Select]
char Electricity = 1;

Then, add another if() statement around the current one as such:

Code: [Select]

if(Electricity == 1)
  // run code to send SMS
// do nothing;

Lastly, in the if statement you have, add the following to the if and else parts respectively:
Code: [Select]
char Electricity = 0;

Code: [Select]
char Electricity = 1;

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