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Not really suitable unfortunately. I looked at the site and those are still a bunch of points ganged together in a strip. I need this to read as a continuous band of light.

Also, I'm sure those are expensive. I'm able to get cold cathode fixtures at ~$5/meter (maybe even less).


If your not paying the bill and there is enough mains I would say go for it  ;)


I take it that this will be installed in an art gallery or similar?  if so speak with whoever is responsible for the electrical infrastructure first.  Also bear in mind that incandescent bulbs have a far lower resistance when cold.  This means that they will draw a something like 15 times as much current for a fraction of a second when first tuneded on....


I'm using cold-cathode tubes - so I'm not sure what their current draw is when they first come on.

I guess I'll have to do more thinking about this project given the feedback here. Maybe scale back the number of lights.

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