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i use serproxy with arduino to transmit info to flash.
some of my students use a BasicStamp IC and want to transfert some infos to Flash.

Can they use serproxy with BasicStamp or it is specific to arduino ?

i've tried too (serialInterface from soap Project.. but unable to init correctly on Mac), some months ago Massimo (if remember well) tells me to use serproxy than serialInterface....

a way to do that ?

regards :P



yes you can.. serproxy is quite nice in a way that it doesn't care who is transmitting or receiving the data.

You just need to make sure that the data you send from the BS is at the same speed specified in the serproxy.cfg configuration file.

if you terminate every line of text with a character 10 (new line) serproxy will happly translate that into a character 0 (needed by flash to read the data in)

somebody needs to write a nice and easy seproxy tutorial... beltraaaannnnn???!!!! if you are reading this... :)



thanks very much...


i'm not good english writer enough to make this tut

eric :-/


HI!, I am doing something like that, and I made a very simple tutotial to connect basicStamp with Flash via serproxy. It is written in spanish i hope it will be usefull for someone.
here is the url:


it is working ok..

if i have any time perhaps I'll try to translate it to english.

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