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Hi !

we make the USB board in "http://www.potemkin.org/uploads/Pid/arduino_usb.zip"

and we find it is very different from your USB board in "http://arduino.berlios.de/index.php/Main/USBAssembly"

can it work ? or it is 1.0 and yours is 2.0?   Can it use the newest bootloader?

and we can't find "OSC, 6MHz oscillator, 3-pin" , can we use "2-Pin Ceramic Resonator" instead?

And could you open the CAD files of yours board ?
we are in China, the postage is too costly for our workshop , so we want to make it in China, Thank you!


Hi ! I see the "FT232BM USB UART IC Data Sheet" carefully today.
The added circuit of your board is for the "TXLED" and "RXLED" , so they are not a needments of this board , isn't it?  

and I can't find a "1M resistance" for the "3-Pin Ceramic Resonator" in the board , but there is one in "FT232BM USB UART IC Data Sheet : http://www.ftdichip.com/Documents/DataSheets/ds232b18.pdf"

if we want to use "2-Pin Ceramic Resonator" , could we add two "27pF" between XTIN, XTOUT and GND?

Thank you!


I don't know about the oscillator vs. resonator.

You don't need the RX and TX LEDs, but they are nice to be able to see when the board is talking to the computer.

Either schematic/circuit should work with the latest version of the bootloader.


Hi ! we can get it work now ! ;)

if you want to use "2-Pin Ceramic Resonator" ,  you need to add two "27pF" between XTIN, XTOUT and GND, then it will work well !

And maybe there is mistake in the CAD file , the USB " + "and "-" are  opposition !!!   I cut down the "USB head" and link them opposition, then it can work.

sorry about my poor english , there some pic of it :

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