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Hey guys.
I'm working on an eye tracking project and I needed a small size camera. So I dismantled my old non working nokia phone and took out its back camera. But I don't know how to use that camera to capture live images and make it function as a regular camera. Any suggestions or help will be appreciated. Thank you :)


Do you have a datasheet, or even a real part number for this camera yet?


not really.. it has F9512 and then 2XU_30 written on it. it's a 1.3MP camera of nokia 2720...ill attach its pics


i also hav d same prob is ther any circuit 2 use it ????????


These cameras sometimes have two interfaces; and I2C control interface and a faster parallel data interface.
It's also probably low-voltage, so you're going to need level-converters.

Given that slow eight bit microcontrollers and imaging devices are not comfortable bed-fellows, I'd drop it in the bin and rethink your problem.
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i know that is a very old topic, but i'm on a similar project and hope this can be usefull for you...
the camera connector is identified by X3301...

(i know, my english is terrible, sorry for that...)



High speed LVDS interface for the imaging data. You will be looking at a specific ASIC or FPGA to handle that kind of data.

Maybe you /could/ make it work with a Raspberry Pi, and some heavy coding.

Arduino ? - No!

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i found this, I have not read yet, but I think it can be useful ...
may not work, but you sure have a long work ahead ...
good luck... bye


i have a problem...i scrapped the camera and screen out of my samsung s3600 model....i want my camera and screen to work...but i dont know from where to power them....


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