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I found this article about simple programing an ARM DIP chip:

So there are some ARM chips which are in DIP package, cheap, and faster than conventional risc chip, like atmega, etc... And it makes me wonder, are there gonna be more chips with ARM architecture which are supported by arduino libraries?



Massimo did hint to more interesting products a while ago, if any of them are ARMs I wouldn't bet on an LPC as Arduino is firmly in the Atmel camp.

I've used LPCs a fair bit, even ported most of the Arduino core stuff to one, they are great chips and AFAIK the only ARM family that goes from 8 to over 200 pins including some DIPs.

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@Rob --  Did that project ever get published anywhere? 

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I had an LPC fan ask if he could get the source and continue the work so I published it in a Git repo. He was going to port it to LPC11xx but AFAIK he's done nothing with it, maybe he looked at the code and thought it was crap :)

I myself have been too deep into a Due-like hardware design to do much more with LARD (Lpc ARDuino). When this design is finished I hope to start a range of small network nodes for the Due board, they will use the LPC11C24 (with CAN controller/transceivers) and at that point I will resurrect LARD.

At present you can (almost) cut and paste a simple Arduino program and have it run, it's C though so things like Serial.xx() have to be changed to Serial_xx() etc.

I would like to do more work on it but priorities are priorities.

EDIT: Using the LPC11C24 allows a network node to be made with a single chip plus a regulator and still have full CAN support, very small, great for your railway layouts :)


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