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Hey there, I wish to create a midi controller to control the remix decks of traktor pro.

but I have a few issues with sending the midi signals
I use Hairless, as midi to serial bridge http://projectgus.github.com/hairless-midiserial/

the problem I'm getting is that I get kind of corrupt data, I'm using the midi library http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Main/MIDILibrary

I recored a video where I show you whats my problem.

Please watch video in 1080p so you can see the warnings and the code


if you don't wish to wast 3 minutes of your life.
I'm getting uncomplete midi data according to Hairless and if I check in traktor, the notes constantly switches (see video around 55sec).

Error message from hairless:
Code: [Select]
Warning: got a status byte when we were expecting 1(some times it says 2) more data bytes, sending incomplete MIDI Message 0x80 (this last may change also)

my arduino code is found here: http://pastebin.com/qZyVqCFp

I hope someone knows the solution to my problem :D

Grtz Tom. aka Thyvo


EDIT: sorry I messed up somehow you may delete this post moderator :D


The solutions is use:

Code: [Select]

and NOT:

Code: [Select]

on the setup.
Following the tip in the documentation: http://projectgus.github.io/hairless-midiserial/#how_do_i_use_the_arduino_midi_library

I hope tu be useful ;)

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