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I have a WTV020-SD-16P audio module which controlled through an arduino and it works fine. Now I want a audio switching mechanism.

As the diagram shows I want to route the sound output to a GSM modem and an amplifier. I want to make a voice call and send the output to the recipient plus drive a speaker for local users. And I want to turn on/off each audio link to modem and amplifier.

How can I achieve this? Any suggestions are welcome :) 


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You got yours to work? I have the same module and it won't work for *doo doo* :P . Could you post a link to your library and exact wiring diagram, even if you could draw it out, would be great. This thing has been driving me nuts.

To answer your question, all you would need is a few PNP(switching) transistors and some resistors(470 - 1K), (plus maybe a diode for each acting as current mirror).

Im at work, and Im not allowed to post any pictures. (we have a limited bandwidth :( )
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