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I have been reading over the temperature control posts on the Arduino forums for a few days now and it seem that type J is a bad word when it comes to sensing temperatures. I would like to measure temps in the 180 to 550 degree range F, my idea is to precisely control a BBQ with some form of temperature reader, however I do not see myself running a thermistor into a box that is possibly full of fire. I feel I can control the gas flow with a servo adapted valve and develop a PID method to link to the probe. I am not asking for programming help (not yet anyway) because I learn better from doing the work not copying others works. If type J is out type K range is too high and thermistors are not practical, what is recommended for something operating in this range?

Has anyone noticed that this forums site marks Arduino as a miss spelling?


You can use a commercial oven temp sensor. They are specifically designed for your application.



I agree with pwillard, type K would be perfect.
The fact that its range is higher than what you need, is not an disadvantage, it's an extra.



Thank you all for your input, for some reason I thought type K was not so good under 200 F. My bad. I believe according to the post I read so far the an amplifier chip is also required to interface the K to the Arduino board so I will run one down. Thanks again.



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