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6 and 7 goes to the input pins 1 and 2 while, 10 and 11 go to the input pins 3 and 4(on the other side of the ic...)

This, to me, sounds like you don't know how to count pins on a DIP IC.

First - locate the dot or notch on the end of the IC. Place the IC on its "legs" with that end facing away from you.

Now - if it is a dot - sometimes it will be close to the left edge of the IC as oriented - that is "pin 1" of the IC.

If it is a notch (or similar), the left-most pin at the end with the notch/dot will be "pin 1" of the IC.

Pin 2 of the IC is the next pin on the left-side.

Continue counting down the left side - when you reach the last pin on the left side, then next pin in the count will be on the right side, at the -bottom- of the IC.

Continue counting up the right side, until you reach the last pin.

Thus - on an 8-pin DIP IC - pin 1 is opposite pin 8, pin 2 is opposite pin 7, etc.

On a 28 pin DIP IC (like the ATMega328) - pin 1 is opposite pin 28, pin 2 is opposite pin 27, etc.

In other words, it's a counter-clockwise pattern.

See this diagram for details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dual_in-line_package#Orientation_and_lead_numbering
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Thanks for the help, cr0sh, but i do take care of the pin numbering and always refer to a datasheet/ pinout diagram and work on the circuit. But sill i might have gone wrong wile building that, so lemme rebuild the circuit and try again....

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