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Okay, forget the long link and site-walk the menus.


and then navigate Home->Design Support->Search->
Application Notes or User Guides

They cover a lot of how-to. Not what I was I was looking for but tons of interesting subjects.

I find it harder to express logic in English than in Code.
Sometimes an example says more than many times as many words.


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Maybe an idea to shorten the links with
- http://bitly.com
- http://tinyurl.com/ -
- http://goo.gl/ -

or similar services?

the long one above becomes e.g. - http://goo.gl/PZ0Gh -
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Nederlandse sectie - http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/board,77.0.html -
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I hope most people don't like a shortened URL.  I like to see what site I am going to.  99% of the time I will not go to a tinyurl (or other shortening links) because I do not know where it leads.


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Rearranged the OP. Source site is www.atmel.com.
Menu Design Support->Application Notes to start then enter a chip name in search to narrow the list, or just AVR.

And today I'm trying to figure out why I can't find what I was reading last night...

I think I saved one pdf on integer math techniques. Saw on on BCD but didn't grab it.
Always finding 100 things I wasn't looking for while searching for something else.

I find it harder to express logic in English than in Code.
Sometimes an example says more than many times as many words.


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Coding Badly

(Thanks to westfw) The "Atmel AVR Toolchain", available for windows and linux, is now using avr-gcc 4.7.2 :

Coding Badly

For fresh meat...
A great place to start... http://www.ladyada.net/learn/arduino/
More of an overview than a tutorial but also good... http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/HomePage
This looks promising... http://learn.adafruit.com/category/learn-arduino

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