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I dont know which ones are compatable with my arduino. Everything seems to be made for the mega or another model i dont have lol  Any help would be awesome.  Im looking to control it with my tablet.

You might try this one I have not tried it with the DUE yet.

Dan - www.togglebit.net - Arduino DUE proto shields - Arduino DUE CAN shields


These are 3.3V but the difficulty is you need to solder wires to at least 4, better 7 points to get them working.


Dan thanks bro. Im new to all this stuff and everyone on these forums have been a great help. Im going to pick one of those up and try it out. And thanks riva. Riva you wouldnt know of any tutorials on how to solder that board onto a due would you? I figure for a cheap price like that i might grab a couple cuz if i break it or mess it up ill have extra. Thank you again guys for all your help


There are two basic versions of these BT modules the HC-06 that is slave only (you can only pair to it) and the HC-05 that is slave/master switchable (you can pair to it and it can pair with other BT slave modules). The main pins you need to connect are the same on both versions but the LED status and command mode pins are different/extra on the HC-05. As to connecting them... Ideally you would mount them on a breakout board to match the 0.1" pin pitch used on arduino but you could just solder the few wires needed and ignore the rest.

@Tombs - did this module end up working on the DUE?

For soldering I've used 30AWG wire-wrap wire to solder to the pads of these modules...ends up being super fragile not really ideal. Basically i tin the stripped end wire-wrap wire and tin the pad first, then heat up the pad to create a tiny puddle and touch the wire to it. You can find 30AWG wire-wrap wire online.
Dan - www.togglebit.net - Arduino DUE proto shields - Arduino DUE CAN shields

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