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I'm using an XBee Pro with an arduino mega, but I am mounting the XBee separate from the arduino in order to run another shield directly on the Arduino.  

Where can I give the XBee Pro power?  There are two points marked 5V and GND but they are not open holes, but are filled with solder.  Can I solder into these holes?  I have 5V supply separate from the Arduino or can get it from the Arduino.  

Does the ICSP port on the arduino normally supply 5V to the XBee?
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Are you using a shield with the XBee?

The reason I ask is that the XBee itself is a 3.3V device. Powering it with 5V will not make it happy.

If you are using a shield, which one?

Sorry, I'm using the Zigbee module with an XBee Pro.  
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A XBee Pro is a type of XBee module.

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I'm thinking I can give it 5V on the pins that would normally plug into the  GND and 5V plugs on the Arduino; that must be where it powers from....  Here's hoping...
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The shield can be (and needs to be) powered by 5V. It has a 3.3V regulator that takes the 5V and drops it to 3.3V to power the XBee.

And, just to be sure, since this is my first project with an Arduino (and I'm somewhat of a neophyte generally with this type of project) -  The correct pins to use would simply be the same pins that, if the shield was placed on an Arduino, would have connected from the GND and 5V sockets on the 6-pin header on the Arduino, yes?  Seems obvious now but took me a bit of looking back and forth, scratching my head etc.....

Thanks again,
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I have set this up as described and I don't believe I'm getting power where the XBee shield needs it somehow.  

Is anyone specifically familiar with this shield?  I have GND and 5V connected to the breakouts alongside the pins on the Zigbee shield that correspond to the GND and 5V pins on the Arduino 6-pin header.  I've wired  TX3 and RX3 of the Arduino Mega to the pins on the Zigbee shield that were previously mated to the TX and RX lines of the Arduino.  (I have a motor shield occupying the shield space on the Arduino)

There is no LED lighting up on the XBee shield; I think there must be one that should light.  Is there somewhere other than where I'm connecting power that I should be connecting to instead?

Or can anyone suggest where I could find specific expertise regarding this shield?

Mark M.
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OK found a schematic and confirmed with a multimeter, someone had told me this was not the case but power does in fact come in through the ICSP header, pins 2 and 6.  Working.
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