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Just a suggestion. I found that the WiFly manual provided a good detail. I've shared a WiFly communicator library (actually a fork from the Seeed WiFishield library).With that library you can use the native commands from the WiFly.

More info: http://www.kasperkamperman.com/blog/arduino-leonardo-or-helios-wifly-library/

The Wifly can be buggy sometimes with data and opening and closing connections.


How can I test what the server is or isn't responding given what the WiFly is sending?  Is the get request string the data being sent to the server?

Will Wireshark enable me to see how the server responds?


It seems that Wireshark has to be installed on the server.  Is that right?

That will be impossible since the "server" I am connecting to is actually the Phillips Hue bridge and not an actual server.  It provides a simple API as you can see at this link...



WireShark has to be installed on a computer that gets the full network traffic. This might be any computer on a mirroring port of a switch or if everything is connected to a hub it works too.

Have you tried to use the telnet command to send the same data to the server?

telnet 80

Then send the data ("\r\n" is just hitting the return key). What do you get? Please post it.


I haven't tried that yet.  I will give that a try later today.  Thanks

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