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Hey guys,

I am getting in an Intel 8088 microprocessor. I am familiar with microprocessors and their operation. I know that I will have to download some type of assembler for the 8088 in order to write the programs. I would like to know how I would go about making a physical connection between my computer and the processor to get the instructions in memory.

Any explanation or links are appreciated.


Usually standalone development boards based on a 8088 would have/need a on board Read Only Memory (ROM) that would contain a small 'monitor' program that would allow you to examine/change ram contents and maybe download a new user program via serial link, much like the Arduino bootloader program does.

Out of curiosity why choose such a dated processor chip? Today's micro-controller are so much more useful and contain a lot more built in features.



Hmmm 8088, shades of IBM PC circa 1981........  

I'd just rescue a Pentium PC from the skip.  :)

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