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It still doesn't work with my Zyxel ap (G1000v2).


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Have you tried disconnecting every device from the network and then seeing if the shield will connect to the G1000?

You mentioned it works fine on the NWA-3500, are there any obvious differences in environment or operating specifications of the G1000?


There was a firmware update for the G1000 in November 2007. Here's the page, the update is available at the bottom.


You could try that if you haven't already.


Awesome  - Can't wait to try out the client example.


Is this the best place to trap alternative page requests in webserver.c

Code: [Select]

     // determine the requested resource
     // in this case, we check if the request was for the '/' root page
     // AKA index.html
     if(s->inputbuf[0] != ISO_slash) {
           // request for unknown webpage, close and exit

For example. I'd like to send this request to the server

So where the code above is checking for index.html, I want it to interpret the URL as a command, like slave_02-turn_led_6_on.html would tell i2c slave #2 to turn LED 6 on etc etc


I'm trying to setup the client server example.
I found the link below for converting your twitter string to base 64.  

In the setup we are supposed to Delete the 'applet' directory.  Can anyone tell me what I'm supposed to delete here?  All I have in the example folder is webclient.c or webclient.pde, which is the example.  I tried deleting .c , but of course  received errors.  Also when I compile the sketch I notice it is 16k! Probably because I did not delete the applet.
What do I delete?


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