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Sounds good :)
Will the shells be shipped tomorrow? All of them, both national and international?
Oh, and funny little note you added :P


Thomas is my new best friend in Denmark.  If I'm ever out that way, I'm calling on you to show me all the sites. :)

I just got back from the post office, where I dropped off all the packages for all orders I received (that's midnight my time for those that are keeping track).  

For international, the US Postal service says 6-10 days.  For US-based peeps, 2-3 days.  

I'll have the software up on my website on Monday (later today, as the case may be), and documentation will be a work in progress (but there should be enough to get people going).

The current space consumption with the example webserver sketch is 9636 bytes of code space, and 760 bytes of RAM.  On a ATMEGA168, that'll leave about 5k for you to control your own widget.  On a ATMEGA328, you'll have a heck of a lot of space for you own stuff.  I'm in the process of getting my AVRISP II working, so that I can provide ATMEGA328's to people that want to upgrade as well.

Software will probably be housed on GitHub, with bundled code available on the website.  

Anyway, expect more out of me later.  8-)


Sounds great.

Any thoughts how battery hungry this device is?


Battery life for the Wi-Fi module should be fairly decent.  250uA in standby mode (still connected to the AP, but "sleeping").  There's an option on the Wi-Fi module to go into hibernate, but you need another pin to control it, so we didn't want to burn another pin on the Arduino by bringing it out.  Maybe future shield revisions will have it.

Honestly, I think the biggest power sucker is going to be the ATMEGA168.  I'm not even sure if it has a lot of low power states built in or not.  I know the P versions do (ATMEGA168P/ATMEGA328P).  I'll have to get the datasheet again to confirm.


Just ordered mine, process was painless.


-Chris G.


Do you have atmega328 for sell too? I realized that I may
need bigger space to hold my code. It will be great if I could
buy the wishield & atmega328 at same place (to save
some shipping.  :D )


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Yeah, I'm still working out whether it's feasible to sell Arduino's and replacement ATMEGA328P MCUs in the store.  I agree that one stop shopping is usually ideal, but I have to see how much money I have burning a hole in my pocket that I can use for this endeavor.  I have to run it by the head boss (my wife) first.  ;D

I have other updates to share as well.  50% of the software is up on the wiki (http://asynclabs.com/wiki).  I'm just running a few last tests on the other 50%, and I should have it up in a couple of hours or so.  I did a quick check on my code, and can confirm that all security modes are working.

The reason I was a bit delayed in my code was the fact that I was trying to get around the 500 byte webpage limitation.  The good news is that I think I'm close to getting rid of that restriction!  I ran some tests, and it worked on my main machine.  But when I checked it out on my Macbook Pro and Linux machine, it didn't work so well.  lol   However, the good news is that it's close, and soon, the limit will just be how much storage space in flash memory you have left over. :)  The current drop of code will still have the restriction, but I hope to have this resolved in the next few days.

Currently the source code is zipped up.  I'll provide links and instructions for the distributed version control system shortly, so everybody can help out on the code, or get the latest revisions right away.

Thanks again everybody for the support.  I apologize for being slow on the software and documentation, but it's coming, I promise.  It's a lot more work than I ever expected having to ship and package boards for sale.  lol


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Fine thanks.
But isn't it nice to have developed a product which isn't on the market?
And isn't nice to see how many who are interested in your product :P


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I was going to hold off buying one until I saw that someone else posted with their opinion of the shield...

But I just couldn't muster up the strength to not hit the "checkout" button... I'm so ashamed.   ;D :'(


Now I've checked your Example code, and it uses the Ad Hoc feature, but isn't the WiShield capable of doing infrastructure, you know, connecting to an access point?

Best Regards
Thomas Jespersen


Good work AsyncLabs what a fantastic accomplishment congratulations!

We placed an order but haven't received a confirmation email - how long do they usually take?


I sent you a PM, but could you get in touch with me?

bradrex @ asynclabs dot com



The code that is up right now is doing infrastructure.  I'll push updates shortly to allow easier switching between ad hoc and infrastructure (it can be done with the code you have now, but it's buried deep in the code).


If it's doing infrastructure, then why does it have local ip but not local MAC?
Because we aren't using DHCP, we are using a dedicated IP for the different MAC adresses!


Hmmm, I'm confused by your last statement.

The IP address and the MAC address are not related to each other.  Each device has a preprogrammed, unique MAC address that is used.  For what I've shown in the sketch, the arduino is trying to use a dedicated IP (

DHCP sit's on top of the TCP/IP stack as an application.  This requires an additional set of handshaking that has to happen.  I remember that somebody created a library for DHCP using the ethershield.  I'll have to go dig that up as reference.

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