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Getting the security sorted is impressive.
Wont the keys take up a lot of ram?

Ill have one to play with.
I was looking at the wall wart type network adaptors that run through the mains electricity supply. when I saw how much a repeater or wireless access point would cost.
Your price range seems to be on a par with them.
Will you be shipping to the UK?



I'm about halfway done with a Matchport Shield, so that'll be one more option available.
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I have a working prototype of a shield for the ConnectOne iWifi. Similar to MatchPort and WiFly modules, it does WEP, WPA, SMTP, HTTP, DHCP, etc. etc. Has a small web server on board, and a "SerialNET" mode which just forwards serial data to TCP. $60 from Mouser, but you'd have to make the shield yourself from an Eagle file and several SMD components.


The host driver actually will only store the keys.  There is a supplicant on the module which will take care of the security.


It's good to see that options are popping up (even though one of them is by me!). I needed a Wifi shield a while ago and was honestly surprised that it didn't exist.
Unique RGB LED Modules and Arduino shields: http://www.macetech.com/store

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