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Very reminisent of Apple:

 "Our Shop is currently down for maintenance. Please check back again soon"




I can't wait...
Please, give us a sign! How long again?


I am really interested :)

When will a bigger payload be possible?


I think it's strange that nothing have happened yet :(
It's 12:14 where he lives right now, but we'll keep waiting :P


Glad you guys are keeping me honest on my expected delivery date.  I do have a regular day job too, which has been eating up a lot of my time this last week.  lol  ;D

So here's the latest details:
1.  Hardware is ready, fully tested, and ready to ship.  
2.  The driver is ready as well.
3.  The stack is causing me all sorts of issues.  I tried my best to use the ethershield stack, so that it would be a nice, plug-n-play kind of solution.  However, the stack creates lots of objects, which eat up RAM, which cause all sorts of headaches.  

I'm going to resurrect and clean up my old, homebrewed stack, which is what I showed the video demos with.  I need the weekend to clean it up and make it user-friendly.  I'd feel more comfortable personally to have a few more days to make it easier to use for people.

So I'll notify people that have emailed me starting on Sunday, and also post back to the forums to let people know it's ready.  Everything will start shipping on Monday, 5/3.

My apologies for being 2 days late.  You can take me out back later and give me my lashings.  ;D



It looks like your store at asynclabs.com opened?
Or you are still testing it?


...From the email I received, it's for sale and ready to rock...

I'm still very much on the edge here. If paypal haddent buggered up it would be on its way :P.

It's a dam shame international shipping is so costly, £42 is (in contast to 433Mhz or even the Arduino itself) a touch expensive for my poor self.

I'll stew some more...

Side note: good to hear from the man himself! The site and ordering process was entirely painless.


Chalk up another order.  Can't wait to play with it.



Hi all,
Yes, I am up and fully running.  Sorry about the delay in getting the message out, but I really needed some shuteye last night.  :P

If anybody has ANY problems with the website, please let me know (asynclabs@asynclabs.com).  I'm an ASIC developer by day.  Building a website, store, integrating with Paypal -- these are all things not in my normal domain of expertise.  lol  But I'll take a look at any problems that the site is having and fix and patch as I go along.

Look for more info on my site in the upcoming days as more of my software documentation gets online.



I've bitten the bullet ;)...  I received the paypal confirmation.

Is there any chance you can note the parcel as gift to avoid evil tax?


For my international friends, my plan all along was to mark it as a gift.  It is a gift anyway.  I am giving you the gift of being able to use Wi-Fi to control your Arduino!  ;D

And if anybody from the government is reading this thread, then I am just kidding.  :P


Happy Birthday to me ;)

Let us know when you plan to release the IP stack (and SVN?)..  If you need a repo let me know

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