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Hi there,

My transformed simple client works well but last night, for some reason, my ADSL connection went down and apparently the WiShield didn't connect back to the Wifi AP.

Did anybody had the same problem?

I'm thinking about a solution: since I want to upload every hour, may be a solution would be to soft reset the board every hour in order to force the WiShield to reconnect.

What do you think?

I succeeded in displaying undefined twice :-) !!



You must have been visitor number 29,700. I don't know how the counter jumped to that but I'd say there's a good possibility my "5 minute cup of php soup" could use a little bit of "weekend" tlc = )


Some of the Arduino guys did write/read tests a while back to EEPROM on the 168 and got well into the millions before tiring of watching paint dry. The "spec" sheet specifies 100k because it appears to be the minimum they'll guarantee, but the general consensus at the time was that there is no minimum, and that they'd picked a low number for the spec sheet in the event of circumstances unforeseen.


In fact I used the I'm the king of the world! sentence ;-)

No disconnection problems form time to time on your AP ?



I know the shield doesn't reconnect if something "disconnects" it. Mines been running for days at a time and I've had no problems, but I know if there is an issue with the shield and AP, then the only option is to unplug the board and start all over again.


Thanks for your answer. So I think about resetting the board every hour (I have to find how to do it though)...



To the WiShield designers: do you think this will work:
void software_Reset() // Restarts program from beginning but does not reset the peripherals and registers
asm volatile ("  jmp 0");  

i.e. running several times the WiServer.init() since the Wifi module won't be hard reseted?



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Your best bet is to find a way to turn the power off then on again. Or, perhaps wait for the developers to finish tweaking the software.

The boards needs to be able to reconnect to the AP if the signal drops off, so you could fiddle with the number of attempts it makes - I think the default is 10, but you'd need to hunt around the documentation to evaluate that method correctly before making changes to it.

Try this again... I changed paths to absolute which might help "certain" browsers.

Type any 9 letter word after ?



Now in a second window, open this URL


For anyone passing by, ymicros.com is pointed at a static IP address assigned to an AP that allows traffic on port 80 to the shields local IP (google port forwarding, port-range forwarding, port triggering, DMZ forwarding).

By default, all traffic that originates from an external host is blocked by your router/firewall unless it is specifically permitted. Every router/AP has it's own way of configuring port forwarding and www.portforward.com is a useful resource.


your website is down?  when wishield will be avail again?
any reseller of your wishield?   ::)


Whoops, my bad, I meant to take the store down while updating the WiShield part, but clicked the wrong button to take the whole site offline.

Anyway, the shields should be available shortly.  :D


I need to talk to Ben about a good solution to do a soft reset.  It's a holiday weekend for the US, so I may not be able to visit this topic until next week, but I'll keep you posted and let you know what we come up with.


Ok, store is back up.  We have about 100 of the same shields with the long headers that we sold before.  I am working on taking some pictures and getting the store ready for two additional variants that either have no headers, or have only the bergstik headers (to connect down to the Arduino host only).  Those should be available for purchase in a few days on our store.

Thanks again for all the interest.  Hopefully John_Ryan's crazy, practical examples will help people to realize the power of the WiShield with the WiServer!


Thanks that would be great :-) The last problem for me -well I hope :-)
My bonsaii monitoring system is on its way...

Anibal de Deus

Will it work with Arduino Mega? I question it because of the SPI port change.


@Anibal de Deus
It will, but some modifications need to be done.  Another user has gotten it to work successfully.  Please see this post: http://asynclabs.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=19&p=112&hilit=arduino+mega#p112


@Anibal de Deus
I have the same question. From this link:
It looks like hardware need jumpers(at least for ethernet shield),also software changes.

Can you confirm it is compatible with mega or not?
btw, saw you reply and will buy two from your store today.
thank you.

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