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here you could find more info -


Has anyone tried this code out?

Admittedly I know next to nothing about programming but when I try to plop it in my code I get compile errors about zg_init() etc being out of scope.


To soft reset the WiShield, you can use the following function and call it whenever you want to reset the WiShield and cause it to reconnect to the AP. This piece of code blocks until the WiShield reconnects to the AP.


void wishield_reset()
 // setup initial state

 // setup the interrupt pin
 attachInterrupt(0, zg_isr, LOW);

 // loop here until connection established
 while(zg_get_conn_state() != 1) {

My code:

Code: [Select]

int conn_state; // This variable will be used to hold connection state of WiShield to APz

// This function generates a tweet with the current temperature and humidity
void currentTemp() {
  WiServer.printTime(millis()); // Append time Arduino has been running - gets around duplicate tweet filtering
  WiServer.print("] ");
  WiServer.print("Humidor temp and humidity is: ");
  WiServer.print(" C and ");

void wishield_reset()
 // setup initial state

 // setup the interrupt pin
 attachInterrupt(0, zg_isr, LOW);

 // loop here until connection established
 while(zg_get_conn_state() != 1) {

TWEETrequest sentMyTweet(auth, currentTemp);

//MsTimer2 12 hour timer ISR
void timerISR()
  intTimer = true;  // When this ISR is run the flag is set for another email to be sent

void setup()

  //set up WiServer to allow this app to do socket send/recv outside of
  //WiServer to enable SMTP email send
  WiServer.setSockFunc(socket_app_appcall, 25);

  //set up global state data
  intTimer = true;

  //setup the timerISR to be called every 12 hours
  MsTimer2::set(emailTimer, timerISR);

void loop()
 if (tweet == 0) // Tweets once at inital startup.  Next tweet won't happen for <intervalTweet>
   ++tweet; // Increment initial tweet count
 if (millis() - previousMillis > intervalHum)
   previousMillis = millis();
   temp_c = sht1x.readTemperatureC();
   humidity = sht1x.readHumidity();


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Will international shipping be available?
Im from Portugal and Im interested in WiShield.

Looking forward to see its 2nd version :)


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