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Author Topic: Installation help request  (Read 182 times)
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I just downloaded and installed an update from 1.0.1 to 1.0.5

I'm still very new at this stuff and I need some advice . . .

I need to add the RTC library to the new IDE 1.0.5 program.  I have a folder named RTClib and in this folder is a sub-folder named RTClib-master.  I do not know which of these folders to add to my new program under menu selection sketch/import library/add library.  Oops - I just tried to add RTClib-master and it would not take it, so I tried to add RTClib and it seemed to take it OK.  Do you see any problem here?

I also need to know which PROGRAMMER to select under the TOOLS menu.  And why would I select one instead of another?

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