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The Argot software development kit is a series of tools and libraries designed to help software developers build languages for the Internet of Things. It has been developed over ten years, and is specifically designed for embedded environments.

As one of the first basic demos, I've put online a tutorial of how to use Argot (Java) to communicate with an Arduino. I'd really appreciate it if some of you could try out the demo and let me know how it goes.


I've just started building the Argot website again after taking it offline for a few years. I plan on developing many more demos and releasing documentation. There's also an Arduino library in the works which will be released in time. For now, hopefully the website and tutorial will provide a basic idea of where the SDK is heading.



I've updated the website with a new tutorial for developing binary message formats for use on MQTT.  The new tutorial demonstrates using Argot to send messages from a Java host over MQTT to an Arduino with an Ethernet shield.


The demo was based around the previous demo which was based on the basic Blink Arduino sketch.  It turns out that the Ethernet shield uses Pin 13 which makes the LED on Pin 13 unusable.  Oops. :)  While this tutorial shows how to write a protocol using Argot to make an LED blink at different rates, the LED doesn't actually blink.  The demo still communicates back messages via serial so hopefully has enough to show the basics of Argot.

I've also released the Argot core library in Java as version 1.3.b4 (beta 4).  I've got more demos planned and documentation.  I'll update when I release more.



Argot is great work - see how it's demonstrated with our RGB LED cube - http://www.freetronics.com/blogs/news/8117011-demonstrating-the-argot-iot-language-tool-with-the-cube

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