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I've recently bought a Wireless SD shield (http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoWirelessShield) with the intention of using a WiFly module on the board. But what I cant figure out, how is the Xbee socket connected to the board? Meaning If I were to create a SoftSerial UART, which pins on the DUE will be connected to the TX and RX pins of the Xbee module? Or am I supposed so solder wires from the Xbee side to the DUE? Any help would be appreciated.



The shield documentation seems pretty clear - the TX/RX connect (crosswise) from the Arduino TX0/RX0 (D0/D1) to the bee socket pins used for TX/RX.  You need to have the switch set to "micro".  When you put the switch on "usb" it allows the USB port to program the Arduino by disconnecting the serial from the bee socket.


Ha ok, now that you mention it, it seems very obvious  :*. Another question, in this post http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=169369.0 a user states that the Due's SPI pins are on the 6pin ICSP pins an that you need to circumvent the shield to the ICSP header. But is this necessary? seeing as the Shield plugs into the Due's 6 pin SPI header?


This is a guess as I don't have one to test: it looks like the SPI is used for the SD card interface only.  Since it hooks into the right header, it should be getting the right signals.  It is using D4 as a select which should be compatible with the Due extended SPI.  But I am unsure if the Arduino team or someone else has completed a port of the SD library - you'll have to look around the forum - the new library would use different logical pins (at least it ises the SPI header rather than hardwired to Digital 11-13) .  I cannot tell from the picture if any of the SPI lines are routed to the bee socket but it is doubtful as that portion uses the serial line and not SPI.  You can follow the circuit board traces to see.

The Arduino team really should design and build a new shield that uses the IOREF pin on R3 Arduinos to see if the voltage regulating is really necessary.  The Bee devices and SD card are 3.3 volt devices.  Maybe they will at some point?


Thank you, I'll check out if the standard SD library can detect a SD card in the shield. I agree with you, there is still much confusion over which shields are compatible with the DUE and which aren't

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