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I have successfully got USB Host mode working on an old HTC Desire,  have just managed to get /dev/ttyACM0 available on the phone and I can now cat /dev/ttyACM0 and see serial output from my Arduino sketch. Pretty cool!

The problem I am having is none of the "Arduino" related apps on the google play store are detecting a connected Arduino.

Anyone know why I can access the Arduino via a shell from the phone but not via any of the apps?

Cheers heaps!


Have you uploaded the appropriate arduino code to the arduino first?
Sorry for the noobish post but my knowledge is 10 years out of date!


Yes the StandardFirmata sketch was loaded onto the arduino as mentioned in a few "app" descriptions. However other apps do not require any special sketch to be running on the arduino (ie: because you can load any sketch you like onto the arduino from android in some apps). Still struggling to find out why.


The HTC Magic phone is quite an old model of Android phones, effectively it's the second generation after the original G1 and was the first officially available Android phone in New Zealand. Whilst I have loaded the last stable version of Cynogenmod released for it onto the phone, it's only Android 2.2 and doesn't feature the Android USB Accessory API support, so there was no point getting something like the USBDroid model.


Could you upgrade Android OS at HTC Desire?

BTW, HTC Desire default OS is Android 2.3.x.


Yes sorry, the phone is currently running Android 4 ICS with a custom kernel in order to get the USB host mode function.

Some (rought) details on how I got here are located: http://dtbaker.net/random-bits/android-ics-on-htc-desire-with-usb-host-mode/


i went for a bluetooth modual for my arduino...

then installed BlueTerm on my android as a 'console bridge' but later found it easier to code in java to communicate over wifi.


Hello there,

I'm new in this forum. I was confusing about my project  $). I have a project to make an temperature and LPG gas content monitoring from an ANDROID. Both temperature and gas content should be shown a graph on android phone. Is any one share me how to communicate android and arduino ?


How about try different Arduino ?

Duemilanove use an FTDI USB-serial chip

Uno use CDC-ACM serial-over-USB

Leonardo use USB's Connected Device Class CDC


Hey i was facing a similar problem
Luckily for me; it got sorted automatically on rebooting the android tablet :P
Most of the apps on google play store use the USB host APIs included in android 3.1+ to communicate with arduino; this method seems to be failing in your case. try downloading "USB Device INFO" app from play store. This app enlists all the usb devices connected to your device along with their information: it operates in two modes,
1. Android mode using standard USB host APIs
2. Linux mode; which accesses device info by executing terminal command line statements
The maker of this app has even made the source code available (#gratitude). So if you are successfully obtaining serial output from arduino over the terminal; then maybe you can try extending the code and including the appropriate commands to obtain serial input

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