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Hi everybody!

i made this for my final year project during Graduation. In this project my aim was to develop and construct a hexapod that is to move by control from a joystick.

for this purpose i bought aluminium hexapod structure from e-bay and 18 servo motors since there were 3 servos in each legs. Arduino Mega to control the servos. A temperature sensor dht11 and RF module nrf24L01 for wireless communication.

First of all as shown in the figure above all motors were rotated to 90 degree and all six legs of hexapod were assembled.

One by one all six legs were programmed and synchronized to give the crawling movement to the hexapod.  Complete structure is able to move in 6 different directions (forward, backward, left, right, clockwise and anticlockwise rotations).
then temperature sensor and RF module were attached.

on the user side Arduino joystick shield v2.4 along with arduino uno were used to control the hexapod.

joystick was attached to the PC on which a simple GUI developed in Processing displayed sensor data.

Video on WeVideo
Video on Youtube

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