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Aaahh, Bally Bingo machines... those were the days. Hanging around in a pub, Fleetwood Mac or The Eagles through the speakers... Well, those days are long past maybe, but you can definitely revive playing them again. I have with the help of Joop Riem http://www.bingo.joopriem.nl/ created a solution to those people who love these machines but either can't fix them or do not have enough space for more than 1 machine. With this solution you can play over 12 games at present with JOOP adding games every month. So I added a real playfield to JR's simulation and used 2 ARDUINO's to replace the original kit inside the cabinet. Go to http://www.bingo.joopriem.nl/ and you find how to build the system with the sketches for the ARDUINO's. NOTE I am no way an expert programmer so excuse the way I did thinks but it works.

Coding Badly

Your post seems rather spammy.  The site linked in your post seems rather spammy.  I suggest you better explain what you have done, what role the Arduino serves, and what the rest is (e.g. what is JOOP?).


If you are not familiar with BALLY BINGO machines I suggest you google them and have a look inside one these machines. For your information the BALLY Bingo site has thousand of user who are keen on keeping these great machines alive. All we have done is to allow people who do not have the skills to refurbish / fix these machines with a very simple way forward.

I have used 2 ARDUINO's to replace all those internal electro mechanical parts and with the help Joop Riem from the Holland we have been able to keep these machines alive for the foreseeable future. I have had a huge amount of interest from people from all over the world to do this project, so if you are not interested I suggest you ignore this post, anyway I thought the idea behind this forum was to make available our projects to the wider community.

Coding Badly

While my post was broad I did ask one specific question.  Which you failed to answer.  I assume from your second post that JOOP is a person.  Is that correct?

...anyway I thought the idea behind this forum was to make available our projects to the wider community.
It is.  And I am struggling to understand your project and how it relates to Arduino.



Not sure if my reply got thro my machine gave up. Anyway I think that maybe you missed the link that described the project. I have attached a word document that describes how to build this project hope this helps.

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