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No idea what I'm doing...

I have a 5 wire unipolar stepper motor and a L298N H Bridge (probably not what I need, but it is what I have).

The packaging for the motor labels the wires as:
blue - A
purple - /A
yellow - B
orange - /B
white - com

I wired the motor leads to the H Bridge as follows:
blue - motor A
purple - motor A
yellow - motor B
orange - motor B
white - VMS

I wired the H Bridge to the arduino as follows:
LN1 - 9
LN2 - 10
LN3 - 11
LN4 - 12
VMS - 12V supply
GND - ground
I didn't wire up ENA or ENB

So far so good???

No idea how to write code for this.  Basically, I just want the stepper to turn a certain number of steps clockwise at a certain time of day and then to turn the same number of steps counterclockwise at another time.  It'll repeat this day after day.

I have an RTC connected to my arduino already.  I'm adding the stepper.  The RTC and everything else already connected works.


It is a unipolar stepper motor with 5 wires:
red: power connector, I have it at 5V and works fine
orange and black: coil 1
brown and yellow: coil 2



5 Wire steppers are unipolar by defenition/design
A L298 is an H-bridge and such will drive the coils in a bipolar fashion
You can drive a 6 wire stepper in either mode, but not a 5 wire one (because of the common between the two coils)

Blue smoke will be seen.


There's another recent thread on this - in brief with care you can cope with 5 wire and bipolar
drive, but you have to be careful.  The insight is that the centre of each winding is common,
but if each winding is energized then the centre will be at V/2 so commoning them isn't a problem.

In fact each winding can either be energized or completely open-circuit, no where inbetween.
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Well last time I did it, I was not "carefull" enough. It depends on the Hbridge driver I presume (it wasn't a L298).
@MarkT:Do you have a link to that thread handy?


google with this keyword "5 wire bipolar stepper MarkT site:forum.arduino.cc"
remove ";wap2" from url, I think SMF make version for search engine.


and for the lazy -> http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=170246.msg1266204#msg1266204

OK, so back to the OP - Full Step Only and a dumb L298N may work. Make any small mistake ....

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