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I have an RTC module which is integrated in an arduino shield (touchscreen shield) I can set the time and save it , but the time is not running , the problem is not the code because this is the code of someone with which it worked. What connection in the RTC module takes care of running the time?


Broken spring  XD XD

Sorry - couldn't help it !


You need to program the enable bit in the RTC if you want its clock to run.
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But I know the rtc program is good, its an hardware problem . ;)


Is there an on-board 3v battery? If so, try resetting it / replacing it.
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No, there is no battery yet, could this be the solution to get my time running?


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Yes that would be it.  For now, put a copper penny in the battery socket and it will work (except you'll lose the time when you turn the power off.)
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I did it but it didn't work , the time keeps standing still, any other options?


In that case it's the old mantra of 'post your code, post a photo / schematic'!
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