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yes, each LED as separate piece of hardware with own battery.


Might want to look into Lipo battery, charger, and 3.3V 8 MHz Promini with 434 MHz receiver at  each LED node.
Run virtualwire library, all nodes monitor wireless coming in for direction on what to do. Might be direct control (#3, on, time goes by #3, off)
or it might be a sequence with pre-set timing (#5, sequence A) which runs, then goes back to waiting for a command.
In both cases,  a master transmitter sends out the commands.
Use MAX1811 chip for charge control, either 100mA or 500mA, make a central docking station that you can connect them all to for charging.
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Thanks, this helps a lot.
I like the preset sequence idea.  I will look closely at your battery suggestions.

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