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I want to solder my connections to my Due.  Is there a version available without headers, or is there a "gentle" way of removing the headers?
I do not have a hot air gun and even if I did, I would worry about unsoldering other components.
Thank You
Rick Harms


You could use the old fashioned way with an iron, flux and desoldering braid. I would think there's a tutorial on sparkfun. We have a protoshield at togglebit.net that might work for you.
Dan - www.togglebit.net - Arduino DUE proto shields - Arduino DUE CAN shields


I have done the desoldering and wick.  It works OK when there are not too many connections.  There is always one stubborn pin and you can never get all of the solder out of the socket,  so the piece does not want to come out.   The Due has some long headers that I know would require destroying the board using the wicking method.

By the way, the board you offer is nice.  However, I have already tried the Adafruit expansion shield and was not successful.  Not the boards fault, I was just asking too much of it.


The smaller socket strips can probably be removed as above or by laying your soldering iron along the pins to heat as many as you can while wiggling and pulling at the same time with pliers.

The large ones, forget it without a hot air station or special iron head for them. There are no components nearby, the hot air should be OK if you can get a nozzle the right shape.

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


Thank you.  Maybe this is the push I need to invest in a hot air station.  E-bay, here I come. XD XD



They are pretty cheap, around $150 last I looked. Not sure I've seen a long narrow nozzle for those large headers but they may be around.

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com

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