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I've using 1.0.1, mainly because I'm too busy to upgrade. I was doing the typical edit/compile,download/run/repeat sequence. I try to only edit 10/20 lines at a time because I'm a error prone programmer. One time I hit the download and my sketch compiled but did not download. I checked and the led on my mega flashes once, then every five seconds. Since there was an example for part of the board I was working on that used .02X I tried using that to see if it would download. It downloaded just fine. I then installed 1.0.4 and tried with that. No download! Because I'm a persistent cuss, I tried 1.0.2/1.0.3. Neither of those would either. .022 worked fine. WTF! The board is a Sainsmart 3.2" LCD/Touchscreen and my sketch worked, but needed fine tuning. Mega is a Mega 2560. No other shields connected. Program is based on UTFT/UTouch, and the examples provided for 1X do not download either.



Update! I had another Mega and tried it with same result.


Do you have !!! in your sketch anywhere?

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