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I am very new to doing my own tinkering. But I've been programming for years. For some years I've also done simple physical drivers etc.

Now I want to learn more and was thinking of a project that I would find useful in the end.

I want to build a USB monitor. In essence something like 3 (4?) USB ports. Plug device 1 into the box and then from the box to device 2,
but I'd also receive both uplink and downlink packed over yet another (or two) usb links. I was thinking of just outputting to a rs232, but I guess that is too slow.

I would love to know the degree of complexity? I understand that this might not be the best starter project, but it really isn't the first thing I will do. As long as it is feasible, I have no problem with starting with flashing leds to learn.

Any thoughts, suggestion would be appreciated.


USB programming is fairly complex from what I've seen. That being said, I doubt the arduino has any USB capabilities beyond the USB to serial chip that is used on the arduino board. The below probably has some good info.

Google forum search: Use Google Search box in upper right side of this page.
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The atmega328 on the arduino and other AVR microcontrollers can do low speed USB, but not higher speeds.

other thoughts, the threads title is very vague

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