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Hi, I'm trying to develop a simple product and I think Arduino is a perfect fit for what I need.  I'm an arduino newb and can't take the time to learn in order to do this. So would rather pay (if its reasonable enough) a seasoned pro to do this work.  That said, this is a SMALL project and not projected for fame and fortune.. :)  so please keep that in mind. 

my project which is working now, is a simple fan mechanism that uses both solar power as well as 12VDC power to run the fans.  I have built a simple change over circuit that works fine now which provides solar power to the fans when available, and then switches to 12 VDC power when the solar power is unavailable.  i.e. night time, rain etc.

Where I would like to have the Arduino come in is to add the following functionality to the system:

1) integrate temperature/relative humidity modules  that will sit with the fans where they are located and depending upon parameters that are set turn the system on/off.  Thermostats can be hard wired without a problem as there has to be a power wire running from the control anyhow.  there can be up to 6 fans for each control box module.  Typically there are only 2 or 4.
2) I would like the ability to be able to log in via cell phone, web etc to control the device and see stats etc. for each of the fans and temp/rh modules in real time. also to be able to turn the system on and off
3) be able to program the arduino to turn the system on/off during certain hours of the day and cycle the system on for say 2- 8 minute periods each hour
4) to be able to monitor if possible the air flow rate in the fans.  I have a filter in some of the fans. I need a way to monitor if the filters are becoming clogged and need replacement or not.  system should send sms or email to user if filters need replacements.  The default could simply be to calculate actual run time and set a standard message for user for XXX number of hours run etc..
5) if NOT too complicated, would like to be able to see on a display how much solar power is being produced vs. DC power?
6) considering a small simple lcd screen that could display all of this info.  BUT cost may be prohibitive for production. 
7) all devices should have back door password so that they can be remotely administered by our staff if customer is having problems and we can log in and view stats etc. 

From what I have seen with Arduino after researching over these last few days, this should be relatively easy.  I can handle the back end database stuff and even make the web gui look good.  I just NEED the functionality. 

process will be
1) develop prototype working
2) assist in design of custom PCB etc parts list (cost effective)

ultimately the solution needs to be inexpensive and elegant.  if you can help let me know.


my skype is chuck.colby in camarillo ca


I cannot see this being cheap to develop or produce, what figure do you have in mind when you say "inexpensive"?

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Try contacting member scswift, he claims to be looking for work.
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Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


What you're describing is relatively simple, but you won't find something made in "arduino" for you to copy... There are a number of modules out there which you could easily interface to any microcontroller which would give you the functionality you're asking for - Specifically the ability to log-in remotely and view real-time data - Just google it.  Small, microcontroller-based web servers have proliferated all over the interwebs.

Basically, you need Ethernet/WiFi transceiver <-> Small uC to handle web interface <-> Primary uC to do everything else
Ethernet/WiFi transceiver <-> Primary uC to do everything

The first solution is probably easier if you're just looking to copy someone else's work as far as the web server goes.  Then you just need to write the interface for the primary uC.  Allowing the main uC to control the fans, measure various parameters, display stuff on an LCD - This is rather cost prohibitive, though... You could do all of this one single cheap uCif you're willing to learn C or assembly and use a standard compiler to put it on the smallest uC that is suitable for the project.

It sounds like you want to sell this and make a profit - If you do it on this "arduino" platform, you're using a compiler that is most surely inefficient if you look at it from the size of the compiled code vs. a more professional compiler (I don't have exact data on this but I know that this arduino compiler uses gcc...).  You're going to end up with massive, inefficient code and way more hardware than you need.  I'd recommend that you learn assembly and program a PIC/AVR/whatever in using its own RISC command set, which will give you the most efficient code and the smallest, best performing solution.  If you don't do it, and you end up with a good product, someone else will do it and will sell the same product for half the price.

Another thing, you mention the need for this thing to be reliable - If you aren't already in an EE program, time to get on amazon, find some textbooks and start reading about analog/digital circuit design and PCB layout techniques.

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