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hm. unfortunately I don't get it done. There is no explanation in the documentation of 7219, either.

could anybody post schematics of how to connect the LEDs with eachother and the IC?

the 7219 sketch delivered with the arduino software is (from my point of view) quite useless, too, because there is not the slightest information of WHAT should it do and HOW could it be done...


i am familiar with arrays, objects, receive and store data etc. and am programming for years now, but i'm a complete newbie to ICs and stuff...


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hello goldbauch,

i am really sorry. at the moment i have too much work to do at my job. maybe i can post a description next week. but maybe there is someone else out there who could help you.




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hello goldbauch,

are you from germany ("goldbauch" sonds like this). i live in cologne. i did the hardware stuff with some guy in my school, who is really familiar with electronical stuff. i am also a newbie in these things. so it would be much easier to meet each other so i can show how i get it done. next week i am in bremen for two days. otherwise as i posted it before i will try to draw a schematics till the end of the next week.

maybe here is a fallback solution for you:


but it is quite expensive (with shipping about 120 euros). there comes also a C library with the board and maybe it is possible to controll it with an arduino board.

but for me it is much more fun to build a LED board on your own  :)




hey. yes. german. austrian. austrian but living in berlin. servus.

don't stress yourself, at the moment it's a time problem for me, too. i will experiment a bit and have a look whether I can solve it on my own. if I have a more detailed question than "can't get it to work - hm?" I will let you know and hope you or your pal can help me out. so, thanks for your offer.


i am austrian too.

with some luck i move to berlin in autumn. very nice city!!!  
maybe you can contact some guys from the FH potsdam:


someone told me, that they also work with arduino.



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