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I am trying to setup a connection between VB Studio and my arduino so that I can eventually make an HMI, however, things are not going well. I am quite new to arduinos and have been looking around the forums to find an explanation or a tutorial for how to connect the two.

I have a VB form open, and my arduino connected via USB and a serial port is placed on the form (configured to COM6, same as the arduino). Basically all I am trying to do is just get some type of feedback in the way of VB output so I know that it is working.

Any help is appreciated.



I can show you the Arduino code. I don't know VB but I know C#.
Code: [Select]
int ledPin = 13;   // select the pin for the LED
int val = 0;       // variable to store the data from the serial port

void setup() {
  pinMode(ledPin,OUTPUT);    // declare the LED's pin as output
  Serial.begin(9600);        // connect to the serial port

void loop (){
  if( Serial.available()>0){
    val = Serial.read();      // read the serial port
    if(val==1)          //checks the value
      digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); //if the value from serial port is 1 then turn LED on
      digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);  //if the value from serial port is 0 then turn LED off

The code is simplest. You read the string value from serial port and if it's 1 it turns LED on pin 13 on, or if it's 0 it turns LED off. In VB you need two buttons (On button and Off button) and each of them sends strings 1 or 0 with serial write.

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