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Oh, I wasn't calling Atmel a beginner level - I was referring to the "arduino" style development where people seem simply copy things, not really considering how the implementation works nor learning much in the process.

That's funny, I've seen (and made) plenty of original idea items built from Arduinos.


Is not the MakerBot platform arduino based?, I think they made quite a bit of money out of that.

Paul Beaudet

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I'm going to also disagree with the no money in arduino comment. DIY drones was also based on arduino they have just transitioned in to becoming 3dRobotics which is a very large operation.

I think engineers get mad when they see that hacks are many times more then sufficient. Users only care that the thing works. Engineers have invested so much of there time in not being hacks and payed big money for engineering school, its understandable they feel this way. I think this leads to a bit of not seeing the forest through trees.

Theses hacks are important to the products you end up working on!

I'm currently building a company in NH with its first product being arduino based. Will I eventually move on to bigger and better more industry standard things? Yes. However arduino is a quick way for an entrepreneur with an idea to get to an MVP (minimal viable product). If I get there then I can justify raising the capital for real engineering work.

I don't see most of the engineers I know getting excited about that second part because running a business in not necessarily their forte. If we want to see more innovative hardware companies rise, we have to accept that everyone starts somewhere! Generalist are really important in the start-up phase of a business.  Its really tough right now to be a hardware start-up, but it will become a more prominent thing as barriers to entry changes because of projects like arduino. Actually its already happening. The people in this space will be looking for folks like scswift. Given those folks have the luxury of living on the edge with a start-up. If they don't have the luxury then guerilla's points are probably relevant. Just pointing out the defeatist attitude is unnecessary.

I'm still at an early phase where I can't offer positions. Things will likely happen fast when that point comes though. Check out the project @ https://github.com/PaulBeaudet/JesterType, see if your interested. Hobby involvement is resume and application, or point me to an open source project you have worked on.


This is a very interesting discussion. I'm looking for work too, but I come from the other side. I have a grad degree in EE and spent quite some time designing different projects with different microcontrollers and I partly agree with guerilla in that most people in the arduino community don't really know much about digital or analog design (ask someone how does an ADC or DAC work or what's a schmitt trigger or where to start with a switched-mode power supply design!). But, I think that building commercial products with arduino boards is not elementary at all, especially if you design your own board and understand the code in the "bootloader" being assembly or C.
I explained what I just started doing here http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=131944.30 (last reply on page 3).

[ I don't see most of the engineers I know getting excited about that second part because running a business in not necessarily their forte./quote] I totally agree with this. I'm one of those engineers and have many ideas but being new in America and trying to get established makes starting a business an overwhelming task.

If anyone is starting something here in NJ and knows how to start (or do kickstarter stuff or attract investments) and needs technical help, please let me (and my friend who started this discussion) know.

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