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Hello everyone,

Where a team of Undergraduate Research Students at UC Irvine.
What we are trying to do is get the output signals from a Standard CCD Light Sensor Chip and send it over to an Android Phone via Bluetooth.

We are using a standard Arduino Uno and we were wondering if you would be able to assist us in what kind of Bluetooth Module we can get. (Data throughput is not an issue for us at the moment).

We were wondering HOW we can create the Bluetooth Communication and have the signal be sent to an Android. The Phone just needs to receive the signal that's it.


Try this. It is probably all you need. $7.




What if we actually want to be able to use v 4.0 BLE and be able to communicate not only with an Android but an IPhone (iOS) as well?

What ultra tiny module would you folks advice??

Thank you in advance for any comments


The HM-10 is similar to the HC-05, is BLE and therefore works with iOS, but I believe you still need to be careful.
First, I don't think the HM-10 is mature. The packaging, or lack of it, tends to support that and it is very hard to grasp what's going on. I also understand they keep moving the protocol goalposts. There is something in letsmakerobots about that.

Second, it could be a dog chasing car situation. Apple aren't serious about being serious with iOS, and I understand there are no worthwhile apps when you get there.  So look before you leap but, if you can afford an iPhone, you can afford an Android to get the real work done.


Good Point,

I was also wondering if anyone could advice HOW can we get an output signal from a CCD, convert it into Digital Signals and save it with time stamps on an external memory supply that is attached to the Arduino.
If there are any scripts out there already to start with.

We then want to be able to collect the information from a CCD and send it over bluetooth in a package of information.

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