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Now I just want to be sure.

Is this the right sequense for at stepper motor, witch my LEDs should blik?

x =on
- = off

1 2 3 4
x - x - (step 1)
- x x - (step 2)
- x - x (step 3)
x - - x (step 4)

and one more.. What kind of diodes do you suggest?? Would the N4001 be okay??

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Honest answer is it depends how the stepper is wired up.

It doesn't look right.

I would expect something like this:
x--- step 1
-x-- step 2
--x- step 3
---x step 4

This is a pretty good article describing the patterns you could use Stepping Motor Types

A rule of thumb I've been given is, the diodes should have the same current rating as the motor current, so a 1A diode should be fine for a 1A supply; it should only be conducting for a small part of the time so this should be safe.


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