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Now I just want to be sure.

Is this the right sequense for at stepper motor, witch my LEDs should blik?

x =on
- = off

1 2 3 4
x - x - (step 1)
- x x - (step 2)
- x - x (step 3)
x - - x (step 4)

and one more.. What kind of diodes do you suggest?? Would the N4001 be okay??



Honest answer is it depends how the stepper is wired up.

It doesn't look right.

I would expect something like this:
x--- step 1
-x-- step 2
--x- step 3
---x step 4

This is a pretty good article describing the patterns you could use Stepping Motor Types

A rule of thumb I've been given is, the diodes should have the same current rating as the motor current, so a 1A diode should be fine for a 1A supply; it should only be conducting for a small part of the time so this should be safe.


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