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Hello everybody. Well I have an alarm sensor PIR Paradox PA-476. This sensor has the following ports: -12 | +12 | RELAY | RELAY | TAMPER | TAMPER
And I want to connect it to an Arduino, but I do not know how to do this and do not know what kind of output signal he gives. Help me please, explain to me how to connect it. It is normally closed type.

Olá pessoal. Bom eu tenho um sensor de alarme PIR Paradox PA-476. Este sensor possui as seguinte portas:  -12 | +12 | RELAY | RELAY | TAMPER | TAMPER       
E eu quero conectá-lo a um arduino, mas eu não sei como fazer isso e também não sei que tipo de sinal de saída ele dá. Me ajudem por favor, me expliquem como conectá-lo. Ele é do tipo normalmente fechado.


the PIR probably makes one of the alarm lines high [ 12Volt ]. You need to convert this to 5Volt by means of a voltage divider. that are two resistors in series with a ration of approx. 7 to 5  - e.g. 4.7Kohm and 6.9 Kohm   (4.7 and 2.2 in series) .

alarm --[6.9]---X---[4.7]---GND

The arduino will get ~5Volt at X  (you need to connect the grounds of sensor and arduino.
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it would be nice when you put the link to the datasheet of the sensor in your post. So we don't have to search it ourselves. You write that the sensor is normally closed type. So you have a relay contact? Then a digital input is your choice because you have a digital signal (Open / Closed).

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