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I certainly don't know much about setting up a user's group per se, but I am thinking that the city's municipal building has function rooms available often.  What do you think the turnout for something like that would be?  And what would the "agenda" be?

Given that Radio Shack now retails Arduino, and I know several folks who are about to be introduced, it's only going to increase the demand for a user's group, particularly for hands on help from experienced folks to new users and that kind of thing.

I'll think about this over the holidays,keep the thread alive with any thoughts you have on this.  Marlborough (where I live) is pretty central to Massachusetts, and is four miles from the intersection of Interstate 495 and 90.  Come to think of it, let me ask some old friends from DEC now over at the Mill.  There's full unused labs over there.. that's Maynard, a little more off the beaten path, but Intel might just be willing to subsidize this type of thing...  Only thing is, that's Intel's plant now, they might get twitchy about our infatuation with our little Atmels!
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Hey @Nikarus and @Paul, I am new to Arduino and looking to get more into it. What part of NH are you in Nik? I am very close to the Concord area and would love to meet up if you start hosting events in Manchester.  I also wouldn't mind making the drive out to the Portsmouth/Dover area.


Paul Beaudet

Sorry dtothill this is a couple of weeks late. Doesn't seem like I was subscribed to the thread for some odd reason

Not sure I've seen enough interest for hosting a meetup. There are already few groups that have a few arduino/rpi/embedded enthusiast in their midst
however, Concentrated interest a local area in more of the issue. More than finding a venue, I already have a couple of places in mind where I have contacts.

Something I didn't mention in the previous post.
Most wednesdays at lunch there is a geek lunch at an eatery somewhere around elm st - https://www.facebook.com/events/634156863262177/
For instance tomorrow at the farm

If anyone wants to get in touch just pm me here or DM me @inof8or on twitter
I would love to help someone getting started or talk about my open source JesterType project- https://github.com/PaulBeaudet/JesterType

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