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Every time I start the IDE, I must go through the following motions:
1) click File
2) click Open
3) click on my most recent project
4) click Open
5) close the original window
6) resize the new window

It would be helpful if the IDE could remember the most recently used project, and the size and location of the IDE window, and simply restore the previous state


I think what you are doing is closing all the sketches to quit the IDE.  At least on the Mac if you Quit (Arduino->Quit Arduino or Command-Q) the IDE when there are sketches open they will re-open in the same place and size when you re-start the IDE.  This works with multiple sketches.

Also, your sketch should be in the Sketchbook menu so instead of File->Open, Select the folder, Open you can just do File->Sketchbook->Sketch-name.

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