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I am doing a project which involves interfacing the Arduino Mega 2560 R3 with a 2.8inch TFT Touch screen from Itead studio.

The link for the TFT display is
The User Manual is

I am trying to use the UTFT and UTouch libraries from Henning Karlsen

The display is included in list of supported models for the UTFT and UTouch libraries.

The Problem is this:

While assigning the various pins during Initialization of the display, I realize that the User Manual does not have any pins for Touch_CS and TFT_Reset.
Without assigning these pins to the initialization code, the display is not running the example codes given in UTouch library.
I have changed the model number to ITDB28 and assigned pins in the initialization code as per the datasheet of the Display.

Also, I am not using any jumper cables, just attaching the shield on top of the Arduino Mega. Itead Studio says that the shield is compatible with the Mega, but I am not entirely sure if this setup will work, or the Arduino is giving it's output to some other pins.

I have attached the initialization code here, with random pins assigned to the missing ones mentioned above.

Code: [Select]
UTFT        myGLCD(ITDB28, A5,A4,A3,A2);   // Remember to change the model parameter to suit your display module!
UTouch      myTouch(A1,41,A0,8,9);


Well I am now able to run the UTFT library by following the instructions here

But still not able to use SD.h or UTouch.


Hi there,

Great to hear you got it working. I've also followed the instructions and I'm still getting a white screen. Right now I'm unsure if I failed or the screen is not working. Could you post some very simple code I can use to confirm the screen is working. If you have changed the UTFT library please also post either a patch or the changed files.



The display is included in list of supported models for the UTFT and UTouch libraries.

I am sorry to disapoint you but this is not true. Only the display modules from ITead are actually supported. Not their display shields.


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