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On the 11th of this month, Twitter stopped some of their old API (like search.twitter.com) but most importantly, all of their API is HTTPS only.

This is a problem for arduino, as there's no ssl support as far as I'm aware (ram issue?). It's a shame, I tried to look everywhere for a arduino only solution but no luck.

The only solution is a proxy server (Arduino ask Server to make quiery Twitter's API). It's not as elegant, I was really enjoying having just an arduino board and no computer.

If anyone has a different solution or thoughts about it, that would be great.


founds during my searches incase:



I think I've found a quite elegant workaround: there's an existing proxy service called SuperTweet.net that offers Basic Auth over HTTP, and which seems to solve our issues. More here: http://www.supertweet.net/about/api

It's a free non-commercial service and you need not to provide your twitter account's password. Just login and authorize the app, and set a basic password of your choice. Very convenient.

I was able to quickly modify the standard TwitterClient sample to work against this proxy, and now I'm trying to publish a status update through SuperTweet. So far I get an HTTP 500 Internal Error but when I have solved it, I would publish an update and share the piece of code that works.



Hi Christophe,

That's quite a good find. Thanks for sharing.


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