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Before we make this music player shield, we found that there are already have many music player shields that basic on VS1053 chip in market, but those shields will not be so easy to use -  you need to write many codes for reading the data from SD card and sending them to VS1053 chip for decodeing, and then you can make the music played.

To make it easier, we build this new ITEAD Music Player Shield basic on CECL08D. The CECL08D chip can be used to decode MP3/WAV format audio file. The music player shield has SD card socket and USB interface, supporting USB and SD card play. When you plug the SD card or U Dist in, the chip will source the care and disk, and just need to use some I/O operation, you can make it played !

  • The A0(D14) pin controls "Play/Pause" button which used to play or pause the music

  • The A1(D15) pin controls the "Next/Volume+" button which be used to change to next song. And it will turn the volume loudly when you keep pressing it.

  • The A2(D16) pin controls the "PREV/Vol-"button which be used to change previous song. And it will turn the  volume quietly when you keep pressing it.

  • The A3(D17) pin controls the "POWER" button which used to make music player shield into low-power standby state.

Here we provide an Arduino Library for this shield, you now you can easily use it to control the shield and play the music.

Music.play();  -----Play the music

Music.pause(); ----Stop the music

Music.next(); -----To next song

Music.prev(); -----Restart / To prever song

Music.volume(Direct, Volumevalue);

Direct : UP - turn to  higer volumevalue, DOWN - Turn to lower volumevalue


Powerstatus: ON - Turn on the music player shield; OFF - Turn off the music player shield.

Download the library and More information here: http://blog.iteadstudio.com/itead-music-player-shield-plug-and-play/


looks very nice
are they available in the UK?

(minor typos
- it should read "Here we provide an ..."
- title should be Arduino Music player ...
there are only 10 types of people
them that understands binary
and them that doesn't


Can I use Nexus 7 or Samsung S3 to output music to the player shield via MicroUSB?


How do you choose which music file to play?

I just ordered several itmes from there, and was looking at this music shield.
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How do you choose which music file to play?

I just ordered several itmes from there, and was looking at this music shield.

I am afraid that you can not choose which file to play, but just next or pre file to play , and the files sort by name.


What are the sample rates and bit depths of this shield?


I found the link to buy, and this device appears to be a good fit for a larger project. The hope would be to buy hundreds or more and connect to other components. Can you contact me, Andy Graham. I suppose you have to private message me, or go to my web site and click on the contact link at the top. I will call you.
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