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For my application, I plan on having two nRF24L01+ Modules communicating with each other. They will each be placed in plastic enclosures and need to communicate over no more than 3-4 meters with the potential for people to walk between the enclosures.

From any experience with the chip antenna module (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/691), does anybody know if these boards will be ok or will I need to look at using a different antenna arrangement from another board using the nRF24L01+.



I got about 10m range using these modules with chip antenna, I doubt many people
have gotten the 100m range they mention.


i hardly think that the test conditions were anything but favorable... that datum is one that isn't usually reported.. Your Milage may vary.

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have you tried dropping data rate to 250kbps ?
i get about 15m through walls . which is pretty decent.
i haven't tried enclosing them as yet but i should imagine they would still work

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