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Hello, does anyone know where can i find datasheet for casio calculators? exampl for the fx 570 ES model. I want to put a circuit into the calculator case with a display. normal LCD are too big so i plan to use existing LCD from calculator. is there anyway i can find out the pin functions? thanks!


The display glass is custom, and you won't find any datasheet on it. I'd have to say that when you ask for this, the project is over your head.

The kind of displays used in a product like this is a multiplexed passive LCD-glass. You first need to figure out how to make the electrical connection to the lcd, then find a passive LCD driver which can support the multiplexed setup of the LCD, which you won't have information on...

Good luck!

// Per.


thanks for the reply, or how about i try a different approach... are there any thin lcd out there that might fit a casio calculator?

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